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movie news:

'blood and roses' has been renamed to 'slice of life'  which has now been renamed to SUBURBAN NIGHTMARE. expect this thriller from highland myst entertainment to be released June 29, 2004!

Our music video "Don't Wake Becky" has been added as a special feature to the "Suburban Nightmare" DVD!

Watch it now!!  BECKY


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annette's 9 to know you interview

in the news:

in a twist of fate that will leave the local media swinging from the chandeliers, screaming why why why?? we am proud to announce that annette is the ONLY unsigned artist featured in the Daisy Rock Girls Guitar Method book.

let me break it down for you:

pg 6 Liz Phair
pg 14 Sarah McLachlan
pg 34 Jewel
pg 31 Annette Conlon
pg 40 Courtney Love



listen to "point" and place your vote at audiorealm.com.

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music news:

JULY 2003
EA is back from Florida
with 3146 miles under her belt and 50 hours in the van!!!

We just got back from a whirlwind week of recording six new songs at FullSail (www.fullsail.com) in orlando, florida. we will be posting tons of pictures and the mixes as soon as we receive them from the students!

It was a great opportunity for us to record, and a great chance to meet some very talent people!  look for these tracks to be released in the fall!

We also recorded 2 hours of video, so check back for a music video - as soon as we can get it all together!!

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