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2006 press

August 2006
Eden Automatic
" as for now "
Genre: alternative

Eden Automatic�s latest release, �as for now�, is a combination of songs that evoke strong thoughts from dark and melancholy to bliss and happy. My favorite song is �undress�. The lyrics and music blend together seamlessly and allow the listener to sing along and really feel the vibe from the song.

Georgia Moncrief
GoGirlsMusic-CD Reviews
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June 21, 2006

Eden Automatic
As For Now (Chandojika Music)

Dallas-based Eden Automatic calls its music psychedelic mood rock. The groovy, alluring opening song on As For Now, the band�s latest full-length album, is more mood than rock, but �Utopia� is still a fine, mellow high and a nice way to kick everything off.

As EA, Annette and husband Doug Conlon, Scott Miles, and Greg Terhune share a clear vision of a youthful world that�s sometimes a little bit operatic (read: dramatically over the top) and at other times poetic, a world where there are, to paraphrase the lyrics of one song, more pink guitars than wars and broken hearts � but no flamingos or Floyds.

Annette wrote most of the words, and the rock-based music is consistently solid, a thrust of self-determination in an industry that normally rewards conformity.

Intentionally or not, the band that�s most clearly evoked on As For Now is Jefferson Airplane, that watershed �60s-era group that succinctly reflected that tumultuous, adventurous time. You could almost say that in the same way �White Rabbit� encapsulated both the Airplane and its era, �Utopia,� on a much smaller though no less legitimate scale, summarizes EA and today nicely and neatly.

Tom Geddie
Fort Worth Weekly
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2005 press

REVIEW: V/A � �This is Underground V1.0�

Eden Automatic sound like they should be making transmission parts for hot-rods, but bring to mind a Jefferson Airplane who've been awake for several days listening to Portishead. A splendid mixture, in my entirely unjustified opinion. I'd lay odds that half the band play gigs barefoot, mind.

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North Texas New Music Festival 2005  - Live Performance Review

Eden Automatic had a sexy front woman who�s voice was haunting and reminiscent of a lower end Grace Slick. They had a particularly good guitarist.

Pat Kauchick
Ice Cream Man

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2004 press

June 2004
Screaming Stoner Video Review of Suburban Nightmare (DVD)

Also like in American Nightmare Jon features the band Eden Automatic from Dallas, Texas and their adept music is a welcome addition in this film as well. To our surprise one of our favorite tracks "Love You To Death" plays early on during the film accenting the moment perfectly.

The DVD extras included on this disc are impressive. There's a Music Video for Eden Automatic doing their song Don't Wake Becky from the film. This 5 minute video shot by director Jon Keeyes shows the film (billed as Slice Of Life) in reverse order using some tricky effects with the band performing on stage.

Screaming Stoner Video
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April 2004
Screaming Stoner Video Review of American Nightmare (DVD)

The music in American Nightmare is a strong point featuring great tracks from such bands as Ghoultown, The Sandblasters, Gropius, The Standards and a whole slew of others. The best band featured in the American Nightmare soundtrack could arguably be Eden Automatic out of Dallas, Texas with their track Need. Users of the dead MP3.com might remember the group headed by the lovely and talented Annette Conlon due to their Blondie-like high following and the decision to use compositions from this musical group was a stroke of genius. The score for this opus was provided by Peter Gannon and David Rosenblad and lends to the motion picture's overall "feel" quite brilliantly.

Screaming Stoner Video
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2003 press

yes, 2003 passed and no one wrote a DAMN thing!  if you find something that doesn't say something evil, send it to nette@edenautomatic.com (oh yes, and let's have it be ABOUT our band!!!)

(here we got MENTIONED!)

Various Artists - The First Street Sessions Vol. 2, First Street Audio
First Street Audio proprietor Bart Rose�s second collection of bands he has recorded is even more eclectic than the first. The disc features a wide array of musical styles, from the moody alternative of Eden Automatic�s �Love You To Death� to the power pop of Jerry�s �Awakening� to Darth Vato�s Tejano-tinged ska tune, �Up Your Body.�  Other standouts include the n� metal groove of Lifesize�s �Coming Down,� the crazy rockabilly vibe of �Backlot� by The Susans, Buddy Revelle�s modern rock power ballad, �And Then She�s Gone� and the radio-ready �Drifting,� by One Minute Halo.�
Such a remarkably diverse compilation certainly achieves the goal of showcasing the ability of First Street Audio. Every track is well produced and brings out the best in all the artists featured, regardless of their styles. The CD Release party is at the Aardvark on Oct. 11. (Kevin White)

Harder Beat
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2002 press

May/June 2002
Instant Pleasure...In Spite of the Pain

As you pull into your driveway and put the car in park, your favorite Eden Automatic tune happens to come on the CD player. While listening to the song, you begin to wonder what there is to know about this amazing band of musicians. I was lucky enough to interrupt the busy schedule of Eden Automatic and get the information many have wondered! So let�s embark into a new age� an age of Eden that will be nothing but Automatic fun! (Well, almost nothing but Automatic fun� read further down and you�ll understand why!).

DFW Scene
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